For the ACP Program, Community Cable and Broadband serves Bibb, Greene, and Perry County, Alabama. Information about the ACP Program can be found here: ABOUT ACP 

Step 1: Verify:
Verify your household’s eligibility at

*Please be sure to write down your application number, as you will need this for Step 2.

Step 2: Consent:
Provide CCB with a signed consent form. Either email the form to [email protected] or pick up/drop off a paper copy at our local office 10366 Hwy 5, Brent, AL 35034.

Step 3: Enroll:
Once you have filled out the consent form, a CCB Customer Service Representative will verify your eligibility and call you to confirm ACP enrollment.

APC Program Packages

* Please have your package selected in advance.

ACP Contact Information

Email: [email protected] Phone: (205) 928-8500
***Please note that due to high call volume, hold times will be longer than usual. To avoid holding, email us with a preferred call back number.