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Community Cable & Broadband, LLC

Fiber Internet Packages

Fiber Internet + Cable

100 Meg/Cable

$149.95 + tax Monthly

500 Meg/Cable

$159.95 + tax Monthly

1 GIG/Cable

$189.95 + tax Monthly

Fiber Internet + Phone

100 Meg/Phone

$119.95 + tax Monthly

500 Meg/Phone

$129.95 + tax Monthly

1 GIG/Phone

$159.95 + tax Monthly

Fiber Triple Play

100 Meg/Cable/Phone

$174.95 + tax Monthly

50 Meg/Cable/Phone

$184.95 + tax Monthly

1 GIG/Cable/Phone

$214.95 + tax Monthly
Community Cable & Broadband, LLC

Business Class Internet, Cable and Phone Packages

*Our commercial packages are customized to meet individual business needs.

Please call our local office to speak with a Customer Care Team member for commercial packages*

We are currently offering our fiber optic internet to the downtown business district and surrounding area in Centreville, AL. We believe having the latest technology isn’t a privilege, but a RIGHT! Help us decide where to expand next by filling out the form below:


Each submission counts! Our fiber expansion will be determined solely by demand. Want fiber in your area? Let us know!

PS: Don’t forget to share with friends and neighbors in your area!